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MDS(Myelodysplastic Syndromes)        

     MDS is a blood disease which affects the production of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. It is considered a bone marrow production disorder. MDS became a part of my life when my Uncle Carlos was diagnosed with it February 2007. This cancer affected my whole family. Though I was too young to have my marrow tested or donate blood, I decided to become an advocate for the MDS Foundation. Not many people know about MDS, and I wanted to help get the word out. The profits sent to the MDS Foundation help in the search for a cure of MDS, and help those who are unable to receive medication. The official colors for MDS Awareness are teal and maroon or just teal. In April 2009, Ms. Audrey permitted me to design an awareness ribbon. At the age of 13, I became the youngest ambassador for Be the Match, an organization which helps match donors and those in need of healthy bone marrow. The stripe on the teal ribbon is maroon with a  red blood drop in the center. If you wish to learn more about MDS or make a donation, please go to 


 One will start @ $8.00, with small discount applied, the more you buy. Buy 9 and the 10th one is free. Just be sure to click on 10 .

   As we approach the 14th anniversary, since my brother lost his life to MDS, a new lapel pin is in production and will be available for sale on June 23rd. Thank you for you patience



  The MDS Awareness Pendant   





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